Feel and look the best you can – for her, for him but also for yourself!

All of my Oxygen Skin Treatments, Massages and Facials are suitable for men too.


Male Balding

Sorry, no-one has found the cure yet but we know Crystal Clear products and treatments will manage the shine and provide sun protection – to keep your skin looking and feeling healthy.


Oxygen Skin Treatment | An intense anti-ageing treatment to plump and replenish skin

COMCITTM | Cryo Oxygen Microchannelling Collagen Induction Therapy


Hands-on Facial | Personal treatments tailored to your exact skin type


No Shine Serum (50ml) £35.00 | Shine control moisturiser


Shaving Rash


Oxygen Skin Treatment | An intense anti-ageing treatment to plump and replenish skin.



Reverse Serum (60ml) £60.00 | Intensive moisturiser for menopausal skin

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Everybody knows men are much more attentive to their appearance and skincare these days (for that, we thank you boys)! Yet so many still don’t really know what’s right for them. By following a simple, no fuss daily routine men can easily get on the right track.



Cleansing is the most important part of any routine so make sure you include our Deep Cleanse Gel into yours at the beginning and end of each day. Even better, did you know it can be used for shaving too? I hear from men so many times they are not satisfied with the traditional shaving products on the market so, why not give this a try? You get double the use out of one product. It’s suitable for all skin types and works to make your skin look younger and firmer with every use. Bonus!



I meet a lot of men obsessed with the bags and lines around their eyes. Not having the benefit of being able to cover up with make-up, I do feel for them. I always recommend our Roll Away the Years Eye Serum . It softens fine lines and reduces dark circles and puffiness and it’s so easy, with just a few sweeps every day your eye area will be firmer, brightened and lifted. Did I mention OK! Magazine awarded it best for making your eyes look bright and awake?



Men don’t get it easy because their skin is naturally thicker than ladies. Add the stresses of shaving and it’s not surprising they need a bit of repairing every now and then. Our Skin Repair Serum  fights free radicals and has been proven to reduce wrinkles in just 21 days! As if that’s not enough, it prevents shaving rash when applied after shaving (which, as you know, you should do with our Deep Cleanse Gel  – are you getting the subtle hints yet men)?


Treat Yourself or Someone you Love

It’s about time you men started treating yourself with the products that really work so, take my advice above and I know you’ll thank me for it! And ladies, if your man doesn’t know what’s good for him, you tell him, ok? Healthier feeling, younger looking skin – it can be yours!

All crystal clear products are suitable for both men & women. And can be bought from our ROSE-NV Shop!