The various ROSE-NV Oxygen Natural Facelifts  are more than your average facial. It is an incredibly powerful experience that leaves your skin looking radiant as well as delivering a feeling of total euphoria.


What is it?

This is a highly relaxing massage based treatment for the face, neck, shoulders and décolletage using our signature combination of Rose Hip Oil, Rose Otto Essential Oil and Oxygen.

  • It is a completely natural and non-invasive anti-aging procedure
  • Utilises specialised massage strokes, acupressure, manual lymphatic drainage and oxygen jets
  • Stimulates blood and oxygen flow to nourish, rejuvenate and tone the muscles and skin.
  • Features Rose-based skin care products to cleanse, moisturise and nourish the skin
  • Rose-hip massage oil is rich in vitamins and minerals to stimulate the skin along with the benefits of Rose essential oil.
  • Rose Essential Oil is especially proven to help treatment of Acne, Uneven Skin tone, Cellulite, Wrinkles, Ageing, Age Spots, Dull Tired skin, Sagging Skin, Menopausal women and for Men problems!
  • Rose Hip Oil helps the treatment of Cellulite, Wrinkles, Sun protection, Ageing, Age Spots, Dull Tired skin, Sagging Skin, Pigmentation, Menopausal women and for Men’s problems!

Scientifically the brainwave fluctuates from 22 cycles per second, to 10 or 11 cycles per second. With the pressures of day to day life, our brains are often running at the higher level of 22 cycles per second, at this level our body is unable to repair and becomes susceptible to illness and infection.

The aim of my Natural Face Lift Treatment is to bring the brainwave down to the lower level of 10 or 11 cycles per second where the body’s healing process takes place and the sense of well being will be immediately restored… feel and look the best you can!


How does it work?

I have developed a Natural Face Lift technique. I apply a combination of massage movements and pressure points to specific areas on the face, neck and shoulders.

My use of Rose hip oil and Rose Otto essential oil works in conjunction with the Natural Face Lift by working on the moisture reserve of the skin. The oils contain many vital minerals, vitamins and essential oils thoroughly nourishing the skin. Towards the end of the treatment I infuse healing oxygen in to the skin ensuring these precious oils are deeply absorbed.


What are the benefits?

  • Restores muscle tone and elasticity
  • Enhances metabolic processes,
  • Improves blood and oxygen flow
  • Decreases bags under the eyes
  • Gives firmer cheeks and jaw line
  • Your neck appears smoother
  • Softens your laughter lines
  • Skin looks smoother and evens out your skin tone
  • Gives you a youthful glow.

So an incredible natural treatment with amazing products producing outstanding results.

Facial muscles are lifted, puffiness around the eyes decreases and at the same time it offers a complete feeling of deep relaxation.

Your face tells the story of your life, its not possible to change the past, but a regular ROSE-NV Natural Face Lift will certainly change the way you look in the future.


ROSE-NV Oxygen Japanese Facial Massage

This too is more than your average facial.

“Japanese Facial Massage is an advanced modality of massage that treats surface and deep facial tissue, tsubos and meridians with highly refined hand techniques in accordance with traditional Japanese medical theory”

– James Shogo Mochizuki


What is it?

The Japanese concept of health and beauty are  “An optimal, balanced state of physical, psychological and spiritual health.” When a person looks healthy they radiate beauty the two are not separate. This facial massage is a combination of traditional Japanese massage and Acupressure techniques, which concentrate on specific acupressure points on the face in line with your meridians. It is a totally natural, highly relaxing yet rejuvenating massage for the face, neck, shoulders and décolletage using Rose Hip Oil, Rose Otto Essential Oil and Oxygen.


How does it work?

japanese-facialThe acupressure points are located along your energy pathways-your meridians. There are 12 meridians running through your body but only 8 run through your face. When I work on a particular meridian on your face I can possibly influence the energy flow through that meridian for the whole of your body making it a very invigorating experience. Also the massage itself improves muscle and skin tone on your face so it is a massage that works on many levels.


What are the benefits?

The aim of working with these specific facial meridians is to achieve a balance in facial skin, facial muscles and the related body.

  • It will improve venous and lymphatic circulation
  • Remove surface adhesions
  • Stimulate cellular function and rejuvenation
  • Relax muscles
  • Increase vascular activity
  • Tighten and tone skin
  • Increase waste removal
  • Relax the mind and make you feel good

While you wait for your mini lift face mask to set why not have a paraffin wax treatment – the ultimate indulgence treatment to luxuriously soften and rejuvenate your skin, incorporating essential Rose oil. Well you might as well have soft, young looking hands and feet to match your face!


Facials for him

male_facials_170Yes, facials are now more popular with men for a variety of reasons – see my For Him section for more.






ROSE-NV Prices

Relaxing Oxygen Face lift massage includes Oxygen45m£40
Hopi Ear Candles followed by a Relaxing Lymphatic Face & Neck massage60m£60

Revitalising Oxygen Face Japanese massage includes Oxygen45m£40

So, if you are interested in anything here please call me on 07982 920253 and I will be delighted to answer all your questions. If I don’t answer then please leave a brief message so I can call you back as I am probably helping a client!