Why do I need a skin care therapist?

Your skin is your body’s largest living organ, which protects you every minute of the day: healing from cuts, scratches and abrasions, eliminating toxins, and constantly renewing itself – yet we spend more time, effort and money on our hair and nails – the two things on your body that aren’t living! So, we need to focus on our skin more and at ROSE-NV we do!


What are the pre-care requirements?

  • The crystals are non-toxic however a patch test on the inside of the forearm will be made, before the treatment is carried out, which will give enough time for any allergic reaction to show.
  • Please, no Botox 14 days or facial fillers for 30 days prior to each treatment.
  • Please remove contact lenses prior to treatment.
  • Otherwise, just come straight from work, the car, shift or the school run or building site!


What about after-care requirements?

  • Avoid heat treatments (including saunas, hot baths / showers or UV exposure for 48 hours.
  • Avoid exercise (Anything that might make you sweat) and swimming for 24hours.
  • Avoid touching or itching the treated area for 24 hours – just air kissing!
  • Please only use Crystal Clear products directly after treatment, we recommend that for the first 12 hours you do not put anything on the skin. (If you have to put make up on use bare minerals)
  • When you are undergoing a course you must use an SPF of 15 (we recommend Crystal Clear Skin Brightening Complex or Protect and Repair)
  • No AHA’s or Glycolics (often found in exfoliants and moisturisers) to be used up to 7 days after.
  • Please do not use sun beds throughout the duration of the course.