you suffer from spot prone, oily or congested skin, you’ll love my range of products that help soothe and calm your complexion and reduce those unsightly blemishes.

I’m a big advocate of a good skincare routine, and this will certainly help keep the pores free of oil.

My tips for acne:



Microdermabrasion | A gentle yet extremely effective skin-resurfacing treatment.

Oxygen Skin Treatment | An intense anti-ageing treatment to plump and replenish skin.

Massage | A relaxing way to absorb Rose Oil and Rose Hip Essential Oil into your body.

Hands-on Facial | Personal treatments tailored to your exact skin type.



Deep Cleanse Gel (200ml) £25.00 | Deep cleansing soap-free facial wash

10 Minute Glow (100ml) £25.00 | Glow on the go! Stunning skin in just 10 minutes flat with this beautiful anti ageing peel off mask.

Crystal Face & Skin Polish (MDA in pot) (150ml) £25.00 | The top-to-toe exfoliation experience

Rewind10 (60ml) £60.00 | Introducing our Rewind10 Starter Package

Oxygen Serums (5-pack) £80.00 | An intense 10 -day treatment course to brighten and hydrate your skin from home

Revitalising Tonic (200ml) £30.00 | Deeply cleansing and rebalancing toner

Skin Brightening Complex (60ml) £60.00 | A clinically proven treatment product for skin pigmentation or discolouration.

Oxygen Face Polish (200ml) £30.00 | Rejuvenating facial exfoliator

No Shine Serum (50ml) £30.00 | Shine control moisturiser

So, if you are interested in anything here please call me on 07982 920253 and I will be delighted to answer all your questions. If I don’t answer then please leave a brief message so I can call you back as I am probably helping a client!

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