With time, the tell-tale signs of ageing skin begin to show; fine lines around the eyes, wrinkles, age spots, and sagging as our skin loses its elasticity. To combat this I’ve created products that rejuvenate and plump your skin, restoring its youthful appearance.

Every day we shed the outer layer of dead skin cells and regenerate new ones. When we’re very young, these cells turn over quickly, but that turnover rate begins to slow with age, beginning as early as our twenties. As a result, our skin can lose its lustre and begin to look dull.

Collagen and elastin start to break down with age and our skin loses its plumpness and elasticity. Wrinkles appear around the eyes and sun damage breaks down elastic fibres in your skin leaving it less able to bounce back.

My tips on age-defense:



Microdermabrasion | A gentle yet extremely effective skin-resurfacing treatment

Oxygen Skin Treatment | An intense anti-ageing treatment to plump and replenish skin

COMCITTM | Cryo Oxygen Microchannelling Collagen Induction Therapy


Hands-on Facial | Personal treatments tailored to your exact skin type



Wipe Away The Years (200ml) £27.00 | Anti-ageing cleansing lotion

Deep Cleanse Gel (200ml) £27.00 | Deep cleansing soap-free facial wash

10 Minute Glow (100ml) £24.99 | Glow on the go! Stunning skin in just 10 minutes flat with this beautiful anti ageing peel off mask

Crystal Skin Polish (MDA in pot) (150ml) £32.00 | The top-to-toe exfoliation experience

Wrinkle Erase Pads (4/8-pack) £48.00 | The instant answer to tired eyes

Intense Anti-Ageing Serum (50ml) £60.00 | Intensive anti-ageing moisturiser

Illuminate (50ml) £60.00 | Our Instant Radiance Moisturiser

Roll Away The Years Eye Serum (10ml) £38.00 | Reduce eye puffiness and crows feet

Face Lift In a Box (1 treatment) £22.00 | Immediate lifting and firming for beautiful skin

Reverse Serum (60ml) £60.00 | Intensive moisturiser for menopausal skin

Oxygen Serums (5-pack) £110.00 | An intense 10 -day treatment course to brighten and hydrate your skin from home

Intense Anti-Ageing Eye Serum (20ml) £35.00 | Magic away soft lines and wrinkles

Protect & Repair (125ml) £43.00 | SPF40, UVB40 UVA20 complete sun protection for the face

Lift Away The Years £59.99 | The most exciting anti-wrinkle device to enter the beauty market in decades

Lift Away The Years Refill (30ml) £29.99 | Lift Away the Years Refill – Intense Anti Age Serum

Soothing Cleansing Gel (200ml) £20.00 | Gentle soap-free facial wash

Revitalising Tonic (200ml) £20.00 | Deeply cleansing and rebalancing toner

Skin Repair Serum (60ml) £36.00 | Clinically proven firming anti-ageing moisturiser

Skin Brightening Complex (60ml) £36.00 | A clinically proven treatment product for skin pigmentation or discolouration

Oxygen Face Polish (200ml) £32.00 | Rejuvenating facial exfoliator

Get Set to Glow Pack £38.00 | Get perfectly glowing skin in 3 simple steps