We all have fat, and our bodies need it, but I know the horror that comes when you discover the dreaded orange peel effect has appeared. If you suffer from cellulite, we have the products to help smooth and tone your skin for a much firmer appearance.

How many times have you heard that cellulite can be cured by simply dieting or drinking plenty of water, when even the fittest of us can suffer from the ugly dimples that attack our thighs, stomach and tops of arms?

The truth is that cellulite is caused when fat is constricted by bands of connective tissue, called fibrous septae. These bands snake through the superficial fat as it reaches from the muscle fascia to the underside of the dermis, causing the horrible orange peel effect. Poor circulation and movement and heredity all play a part in how this connective tissue reacts.

My tips for cellulite:






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